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Elle L. Daley

Elle excels at assisting clients in both pre- and post-decree matters. She has vast experience in family law matters involving complex financial issues including business valuations, inheritance disputes and trust property in the division of the marital estate. 

Elle has assisted clients dealing with the issues of child support, allocation of parental responsibility (formerly known as child custody), allocation of parenting time (formerly known as visitation), domestic violence, and spousal support.

Elle has also helped her clients establish parenting time schedules (visitation) that was in the best interest of the minor children. She assisted clients in altering parenting time schedules when the old ones were unworkable or no longer in the best interests of the family. Elle has successfully negotiated and advocated for her clients to increase parenting time when circumstances warranted a modification. Additionally, Elle has experience in family law cases that involved the assistance of a guardian ad litem where the parenting time issues were contested.

Elle Daley: About
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